Folder Protection

Folder Protection 2.1

Folder Protection 2.1: Password-protect folders on your hard, external, or removable drives. folders located on your hard drive, as well as on external USB and removable drives. If the drive is connected to another PC, your folders still remain protected. Folder Protection is ideal for notebooks. Prevent confidential information from ending up in the wrong hands. A folder can be protected simply by right-clicking on it within Windows Explorer. Attempting to open the folder will bring up the Folder Protection password dialog. The protected

Folder Locking Software (FortKnox) 5.0: Lock Folder, Hide Folder, Secure Folder, Encrypt Folder, Password Protect Folder
Folder Locking Software (FortKnox) 5.0

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Best Encryption Expert 12.01: Protect files and folders with super fast, safe encryption and other options.
Best Encryption Expert 12.01

Best Encryption Expert quickly and safely encrypts files and folders with various methods - Full (all files in a folder separately), Diamond (strong) and Portable (mobile). It has a friendly central management window and also supports direct use in Windows Explorer. It also protects data with enhanced features like folder protection (folder password protection, folder disguise and folder hiding), disk protection, data shredding and more.

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Folder Security Guard 3.0: Folder Security Guard allow You safe protect folders and data inside folders.
Folder Security Guard 3.0

folder protection via Folder Security Guard, folder contents cannot be read, copied or modified. To access the locked folders, you should supply unlock via explorer content menu, or select protected folder in folders tree. If You set password protection, you should type correct password for unprotection. Features * Hide Folders * Hide folders via different icons and shortcats. * Password protection for folders. * Unlimited number of objects to be

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FIPS Encryption Protection for Files, USB Sticks, USB Drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs and Endpoint Security DeltaCrypt FIPS Encryption Protection and Endpoint Security for mobile device an
FIPS Encryption Protection for Files, USB Sticks, USB Drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs and Endpoint Security

Protection (RSA keys, AES Rijndael algorithm) to secure sensitive files and folders on computer hard drives, laptops, network servers, emails, USB sticks and drives, CD-ROMs and DVDs. DeltaCrypt provides computer file and folder protection, mobile device protection, end-point security as well as offers development and consulting services. DeltaCrypt computer file and folder protection secures data-at-rest and file exchanges. Any file format can be

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Ease Folder Guard 8.98: Quickly and simply password-protect, hide and disguise folders for protection.
Ease Folder Guard 8.98

Folder Guard is a professional folder encryption and protection package. It can quickly and simply protect folders with high confidentiality. You can choose from the three methods when protecting a folder. Folder password-protection is a powerful feature. After a folder is protected with this method, it is a must for you to enter the correct password before each access, and the password is valid in any environment. And, a password-protected folder

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Lock Folder 5.0

Lock Folder is a new security tool that lets you lock your files and folders with your personal password. Now nobody but you can access your most sensitive information. Locking folders and files also effectively protects you from malicious programs, such as viruses, worms and trojans. Here is how Lock Folder works - all you have to do is to drag file or folder you want to lock to Lock Folder window, and the rest is done automatically. Now your da

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